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Organismal Biology and Anatomy

Chicago IL (from Henderson, KY)

About Kate

Kate Hodge's CV            

After watching a documentary about Ancient Egypt at the age of three, Kate knew she wanted to be an archaeologist. After looking at different universities, Kate chose the University of Chicago because of its Anthropology program and proximity to the Field Museum. She started volunteering in Paul Sereno’s Fossil Lab as a first year her second week of fall quarter. After prepping fossils for a year, she started volunteering in the Gobero Lab as well. At the end of her second year, she became the lab manager of Paul Sereno’s Gobero Archaeology Lab. She is currently in her fourth year as a double major in Anthropology and History and will graduate in June.

As Student Manager of the Gobero Lab, Kate started several projects in creating archival quality storage for all artifacts, ensuring all artifacts were clearly labeled, photographing them, and working with archaeological GIS. She started working on a database with OCHRE for the collection in January of 2018 which is nearly complete and contains searchable data on every artifact, their field notes, photographs, and spatial data for the entire site. In the future, she hopes to add paleontological data into OCHRE as well. She also started the volunteer program for the lab and currently teaches four different undergraduate students.


Beyond working in the Archaeology Lab, Kate enjoys teaching others about archaeology and works as an Education Facilitator at the Oriental Institute. She also has an internship at the Field Museum as an Anthropology Intern under Dr. Ryan Williams, learning more advanced curation and research techniques to bring back to the Gobero Lab. She loves giving tours of the archaeology and fossil labs as well.