Postdoctoral Researchers

Daniel Vidal

Dan, member of 2018, 2019 and 2022 Expeditions to Niger, has focused on sauropod evolution and methods for reconstructing skeletons and estimating functional capacities based on living analogs. This cutting-edge work involves stereo-photogrammetry, CT-imaging and animation. Dan is familiar with sauropod collections worldwide and is critical to field and research teams.
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Evan Saitta

Evan, who has extensive field experience in the US and abroad as well as a doctorate in geology, is focused on understanding soft tissue preservation in fossils, feather evolution, and sexual selection in the fossil record. With expertise from years spent in geology, chemistry and molecular biology labs, Evan is in the perfect position to solve the sedimentological and geochemical riddles posed by dinosaur “mummification.”

Graduate Researchers

Evan Johnson-Ransom

Evan uses biomechanical modeling to explain the shape, structure and function of the skulls and necks of the largest predators that have ever evolved.

Undergraduate Researchers