Grace Kinney Broderick Headshot

Organismal Biology and Anatomy

Chicago, IL

In 2011, Grace began volunteering in Paul’s Lab. From eighth grade through the end of high school, she prepared fossils after school and throughout summers. She worked on specimens ranging from Stegosaurus to Super Croc. In 2014, she became a field assistant on his yearly expedition to Wyoming for the Dinosaur Science field trip.

While attaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Geoscience from Boston College, she continued her work as Paul’s Wyoming field assistant each summer. During her time in Boston, she completed volunteer work and her senior thesis at Harvard in coordination with the Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology.

Since concluding her undergraduate degree in 2020, Grace has been completing a research paper with Paul detailing an ancient bird, Confuciusornis. Using programs such as Mimics and Maya Autodesk 3-D computer models she is describing the bird's foot and reconstructing it for better understanding of basal bird lifestyle. She plans to attend the University of Bristol’s Palaeobiology Master’s Program beginning fall 2021.