Jobaria tiguidensis

Type: sauropod
Age: 135 million years old
Height at hip: 15 ft (4.57 m)
Length: 70 ft (21.34 m)
Discovery site: Niger, Africa

Multiple adults and a juvenile skeleton of this primitive, herbivorous, long-necked dinosaur were discovered in a mass-death site in the Sahara. With more than 95% of its skeleton preserved, Jobaria is the most complete long-necked dinosaur ever discovered from the Cretaceous period. The name Jobaria is a reference to the legends of Niger’s Touareg nomads; tiguidensis refers to a cliff near the excavation site. 

Casts Available

  • Adult Skeleton 30’x8’x33’
  • Juvenile Skeleton 40’x5’x15’
  • Adult or Juv Skull ? or 3’ long
  • Femur 6’ tall