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Cast Sales
Fossil replicasmounted skeletons and flesh models of rare dinosaurs and other extinct reptiles from around the world are available from the Fossil Lab.

Exhibit: GIANTS: African Dinosaurs
Amazing original fossils, 6 mounted African dinosaurs, monster Carcharodontosaurs skull and more!

Exhibit: Croc World
brings together Sarcosuchus, or SuperCroc, and its dinosaurian foe, Suchomimus, for the first time in 110 million years.

Exhibit: Origins – The Dawn of Dinosaurs
a 2,000 square-foot exhibit about the world’s first dinosaurs. These skulls and skeletons were discovered on expeditions led by University of Chicago paleontologist Dr. Paul Sereno to the majestic “Valley of the Moon” in Argentina.  These early predators illustrate that a dinosaurian radiation was underway, despite the fact that dinosaurs were outnumbered at that time by other reptiles. Ancient volcanic ash beds discovered nearby allowed Sereno’s team to determine the age of the fossils—228 million years old—and date the dawn of the dinosaur era.