Paul Sereno, paleontologist, explorer and gifted speaker, has traveled to the remote corners of the globe, resurrecting gargantuan creatures new to science.  Featured in scores of magazine stories and documentaries, Prof. Sereno enthralls kids and adults alike with his adventures in science.

The Fossil Lab at the University of Chicago is an awe-inspiring place with a Research/Teaching Room where fossils are studied, a Collections Room housing priceless fossils, a Fossil Prep Room for bones, a Molding & Casting Room where fossils are copied and flesh models sculpted, and a Bug Room to clean the bones of recent animals.

Visit the Sereno Fossil Lab for an insider’s look at amazing dinosaur skeletons, a behind the scenes glimpse into the fossil preparation process, and to learn how dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures are brought back to life through flesh reconstructions. As a bonus, check out ancient human burials discovered in the Sahara Desert, revealing a time when the Sahara was green and lush, home to many animals where ancient populations lived lakeside.

Speaking Engagements

  • Multimedia presentations on a range of topics
  • Classroom visits, Q&A sessions

Fossil Lab Tours

  • Behind the scenes tour of the Sereno Fossil Lab
  • Learn about cutting edge research, watch the fossil preparation process live and see incredible fossil specimens up close
  • See dinosaurs and other extinct beasts brought to life as flesh model reconstructions

Educational Workshops

  • Fossil Lab tour
  • Experience fossil preparation first-hand
  • Virtual experiences available upon request

For scheduling and prices, reach out to