Dinosaur Science

Hunting Feathered Dinosaurs and Colossal Crocs

Follow the spectacular journey of an explorer who has discovered dinosaurs on five continents.  Meet sail-backed meat-eaters, toothy fern-mowers, weird crocs and soaring pterosaurs, as Sereno paints a vivid picture of the extinct castaways he has unearthed on drifting continents.
Talk Titles: Dinosaurs on Drifting Continents, Feathered Dinosaurs, The SuperCroc Story, SuperJaws—Bigger than T.Rex


Living Indiana Jones

Fossil obsessions and a taste for adventure carry Sereno to the remote corners of the world to discover dozens of new species under the harshest conditions.  Join Sereno as he shares the everyday life of a dinosaur hunter—crossing the Sahara and challenged by bandits, on the Tibetan plateau, in the heart of the Gobi.
Talk Titles: Hunting Dinosaurs in the Sahara, Gobi Adventures, Fossils on the Rooftop of the World.


Our Hidden Genius

After a rocky youth with failing grades, Sereno squeaked into college aiming to become a painter.  Discovering paleontology there, his work soon became an exciting blend of art, history and science wrapped in adventure.  Famed for inspiring city kids and adults to pursue their destiny, Sereno argues that we can never fully grasp our “hidden genius” in one lifetime.
Talk Titles: Hidden Genius, High-Stakes Discovery.

So You Want To Be a Scientist?

Find Yourself in Science

High school students and college kids often wonder what it is like to be a scientist or paleontologist, how to become one, and whether it would be a good life goal?  Here are some answers, based on a life that has seen career shifts from artist to scientist and back in between.

So You Think You Know Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs for Kids

Here is an engaging, image-supported Q & A session that drives kids crazy.

Presentations include a first-hand look at remarkable fossils and flesh reconstructions.