November 14, 2014

Radio Times with Guests: Peter Dodson, Ken Lacovara and Paul Sereno

Dreadnoughtus – the name alone should tell you a lot. Eighty-five feet long and 30 feet tall, this recently-discovered dinosaur was one of the largest land animals to ever walk the earth. And then there’s Spinosaurus – a new skeleton has revealed that this ferocious dinosaur with a crocodile-like snout spent a lot of its time in the water. In this hour of Radio Times, we get an update on these new discoveries and what they tell us about the ancient animals and their world. Our guests are KEN LACOVARA, the Drexel University professor who led the team that discovered and named Dreadnoughtus, PETER DODSON, professor of anatomy at the University of Pennsylvania and PAUL SERENO, professor at the University of Chicago. - See more at: