May 25, 2023Cleveland Great Lakes Science Center

Get a whole new dinosaur experience with Dinosaurs of the Sahara, the lost world of African dinosaurs, debuting for the first time at the Cleveland Great Lakes Science Center on Friday May 26 and running through Monday September 4. Dinosaurs of the Sahara brings the unique world of African dinosaurs to life with original fossils from the Sahara, one-of-a- kind mounted skeletons and flesh models, and a show-stopping giant 32-foot rearing long-necked Jobaria skeleton! Get to touch real fossils, including a SuperCroc skull, and relive the excitement and adventure of Paul Sereno’s recent ground-breaking Saharan expeditions with live footage and an interactive dinosaur dig site. Get an up close look at Africa’s greatest predators, including spinosaurs and Africa’s T-rex-sized predator, Carcharodontosaurus. Meet some of the most bizarre plant eating dinosaurs imaginable, like Nigersaurus, nicknamed the Mesozoic cow!

New Dinosaurs of the Sahara Exhibit! Image

Dinosaurs of the Sahara, the lost world of African dinosaurs