March 27, 2023

New dinosaurs by the dozen fill two large shipping containers poised to depart Niger for Africa’s coast and then travel by ship across the Atlantic destined for my Fossil Lab at the University of Chicago, where a process of cleaning and recomposing bones over the coming years will unveil a menagerie of new species. The fossils were collected during a fall 2022 expedition and later will return to Niger, home to the richest fossil beds in Africa.

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A rendering of the proposed Musée du Désert Vivant (Museum of the Living Desert) for the city of Agadez in Niger. (Stantec / HANDOUT)

Looking back on a trip to a land of dinosaurs, and all we gained Image

A skeleton of the dinosaur Suchomimus is displayed during a ceremony at the La Flamme de la Paix (Flame of Peace), a monument at a remote desert locale outside the city of Agadez in Niger.