Big Brains Podcast: An Archaeological Riddle In the Sahara with Paul Sereno (Ep. 23)

Written by Paul Sereno & Paul Rand

Hear the story of dinosaur hunter and paleontologist Paul Sereno stumbling upon an ancient mass gravesite in the sands of the Sahara. 

Sereno has always said paleontology and archaeology are adventures with a purpose. If the discovery of that ancient society is his greatest adventures, his new project to bring it back to the people it belongs to could be his greatest purpose.

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On the Loose: Fossils and Footprints

Written by Paul Sereno

Our relentless pursuit of the small theropod into the depths of the hill will pay a big paleontological dividend-many months from now. It will become the best known theropod from Inner Mongolia and perhaps from the entire Gobi Desert. We will know this animal from head to toe.

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Parrot Beaks, Graveyard

Written by Paul Sereno

Most dinosaurs have long snouts, whether they eat plants or meat. Think of Tyrannosaurus or the horned Triceratops. There is always a snout of good length. But there is one group of extremely short-snouted, plant-eating dinosaurs that populated the Asian continent for millions of years during the Cretaceous.

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Update On Dinosaur Discoveries

Written by Paul Sereno

After three intense weeks of work at Camp 1, a fuller picture of what Africa was like 110 million years ago has already emerged.

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End of Camp 3

Written by Paul Sereno

Hi, this is Paul Sereno, leader of the 2000 expedition to Niger, reporting at the end of Camp 3.

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