Location: Northern Niger, Agadez region
Age of fossil beds: Lower Cretaceous, 135 million years old; Middle Cretaceous, 110 million years old
Primary Goals: excavate dinosaur graveyard, further explore Lower Cretaceous beds in the region


Discovery of 98% of adult and juvenile Jobaria skeletons; discovery of Suchomimus, a 36-foot long 110 million year old fish eating predator; discovery of partial skeleton of Nigersaurus.

Scientific Announcements

  • Jobaria - announced November 11, 1998
  • Suchomimus – November 11, 1998



In the fall of 1997 Dr. Sereno led an 18 person, four-month expedition to Niger’s Sahara Desert to search for fossils.

The undertaking took more than a year to plan and required 5 land rovers and more than two tons of supplies (including a ton of dehydrated food).

The two notable discoveries made on the expedition are Suchomimus, a fish eating theropod, Jobaria, a large plant eating sauropod.