Location: Western India near the Narmada Rier
Age of Fossil beds: 65 million years old


First skull of a dinosaur ever reconstructed from India; reconstruction of Rajasaurus from bones unearthed in 1983

Scientific Announcements

  • Rajasaurus narmadensis – announced August 13, 2003
  • Rajasaurus narmadensis – A new Indian Dinosaur

Press Releases

Expedition Team Members and Co-Authors

Pajab University: Ashok Sahni*°, Ashu Khosla°, Vivesh Kapur*
University of Michigan: Jeff Wilson*°, Monica Wilson*
Washington, D.C.: Eric Love*
Geological Survey of India: D.K. Bhatt°, Suresh Srivastava
University of Chicago: Paul C. Sereno*°
Musee national dhistoire naturelle, Paris: Didier Nutheil*
University of California, Berkeley: Greg Wilson*

* 2001 India Expedition Team Members
° Scientific publication co authors