Type: theropod
Age: 65 million years old
Length: 30 feet
Height at hip: 8 feet
Discovery site: Western India

Expedition and Research Team

Panjab University: Ashok Sahni*1, Ashu Khosla 1, Vivesh Kapur*
University of Michigan: Jeff Wilson*1, Monica Wilson*
Washington, D.C.: Eric Love*
Geological Survey of India: D.K. Bhatt1, Suresh Srivastava
University of Chicago: Paul C. Sereno*1
Musee national d’histoire naturelle, Paris: Didier Nutheil*
University of California, Berkeley: Greg Wilson*

  • = 2001 India Expedition Team Members
    1 = scientific publication co authors


Rajasaurus was a stocky, carnivorous dinosaur with a head crest that lived at the end of the dinosaur era on India. The 30-foot-long predator would have pursued a diet that included the long-necked sauropod dinosaurs that roamed western India. In 1983, Suresh Srivastava of the Geological Survey of India and Ashok Sahni of Panjab University led a major expedition to the Narmada region of India and collected hundreds of bones. Rajasaurus was pieced together from the collection during a 2001 joint-Indian American research project led by Jeff Wilson, Paul Sereno, Srivastava and Sahni. The discovery represents the first skull ever assembled of a dinosaur of any kind in India.


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