Stephanie Baumgart Headshot


Organismal Biology and Anatomy

Chicago, IL

A life-long lover of dinosaurs, Stephanie began learning fossil preparation in Paul’s lab during the summer of 2012. She continued working for Paul as a teaching assistant for both of his classes and conducting research on pneumaticity in pterosaurs and birds for her honors thesis. She got a Bachelors in Science with honors and a specialization in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Chicago in June 2014.

Since then, Stephanie has continued research on the evolution of vertebrate flight. She has presented her research at professional meetings, like the North American Paleontological Convention and the Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. She is pursuing a PhD in Integrative Biology, focusing on studying the effect of the skeletal pneumatic air-sacs in the wing skeletons of birds and pterosaurs and if the lack of air-sacs constrains bats to a small body size.

In addition to research, Stephanie has become very involved in teaching and outreach. She travels with the Dinosaur Science class for their field trip to help teach the students excavation techniques. She developed a SPLASH! class about paleontology for local high school students. Stephanie has also visited Chicago-area schools to talk to students about paleontology. She is one of the founders of the University of Chicago Paleontology Club, a club to bring together those interested in learning about paleontology, either as a career or a hobby.

 In all the spare time a graduate student is allotted, Stephanie enjoys watching Bones and Once Upon a Time with her roommate, bonfires with friends, crocheting, and crafting chainmaille.