The Jr. PaleoBiologist Program is run through Paul Sereno's Fossil Lab at the University of Chicago. The course runs for six weeks and students learn about Geology, Paleontology, and Anatomy.

The course culminates in a field trip to Paul's dig site in Shell, Wyoming where students participate in real field work digging up dinosaur bones. In addition to excavating bones they explored Coyote Canyon and the Red Gulch Track site and went on hikes. 

In 2013 we had a great field season with 8 students from Kenwood Academy, Urban Prep Academy, and the University of Chicago Woodlawn Charter School. 

To see more about the experience check out the Blog

Paul shows Sherron, Samir, and Dominique a few of the tools paleontologists commonly use.

Samir, Sherron, Dominique, Kaylah, Sylvia, Kalia, Ranosha, and Jennifer pose for a photo after a hike into Coyote Canyon.

Dominique, Samir, Sherron, and Kaylah working hard at the site.