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Early Dinosaurs

Eoraptor skeleton
Eoraptor skeleton plaque (as preserved)
Eoraptor skull (reconstructed)
Eoraptor skull (as preserved)
Eodromaeus skeleton
Eodromaeus skeleton plaque (as preserved)
Eodromaeus flesh head and neck
Herrerasaurus skeleton
Herrerasaurus skull (reconstructed)
Herrerasaurus skull (as preserved)
Heterodontosaurus skeleton
Heterodontosaurus skull (reconstructed)
Heterodontosaurus flesh head and neck

African Dinosaurs

Spinosaurus skeleton
Spinosaurus skull (reconstructed)
Suchomimus skull (reconstructed)
Rugops skull (reconstructed)
Rugops flesh head & neck
Kryptops maxilla
Afrovenator skeleton
Afrovenator skull (reconstructed)
Carcharodontosaurus skull (reconstructed)
Eocarcharia maxilla
Deltadromeus skeleton
"Digging raptor" skeleton plaque (as preserved)
Spinostropheus skeleton (torso)
Jobaria adult skeleton
Jobaria juvenile skeleton
Jobaria adult skull (reconstructed)
Jobaria adult femur
Jobaria juvenile skull (reconstructed)
Nigersaurus skeleton
Nigersaurus skull (reconstructed)
Nigersaurus flesh head & neck

Asian Dinosaurs

Raptorex skull (reconstructed)
Raptorex flesh head & neck
Sinornithomimus subadult skeleton pair plaque (as preserved)
Sinornithomimus subadult skulls
"Mongolian raptor" plaque skull
Psittacosaurus gobiensis skull

Indian Dinosaur

Rajasaurus skull (reconstructed)
Rajasaurus flesh head & neck

African Crocs

Sarcosuchus (SuperCroc) skull
Sarcosuchus skeleton
Kaprosuchus (BoarCroc) skull
Kaprosuchus flesh head & neck
Araripesuchus wegeneri skull
Araripesuchus wegeneri flesh head & neck
Anatosuchus (DuckCroc) skull
Anatosuchus flesh head & neck
Ratosuchus (RatCroc) flesh head & neck
New araripesuchid skull (reconstructed)